Landscaping FAQ's

There are some common questions we answer about landscaping all the time, and some other questions that might be more unique. If the FAQ’s below don’t answer your question, please feel free to contact us and ask.

Is Greenscape right for me?
Absolutely; our “Long Term” Solutions strongly incorporate style, design, and sustainability.
Do you have a favorite discipline?
All three; when working with trees we strive for health by using unsurpassed pruning and shaping. Our nimble expert goes a step farther when reaching for the perfect cut. Aside from this rejuvenation pruning style, we also offer tree- or vegetation-refuse removal. Our stand-out stonework blends natural materials with fine design and workmanship, and when we landscape a property we work side-by-side with our clients’ to achieve just the right effect.
How do you design a project?
There is an initial design fee which is refunded when we are chosen to do the install. A primary and secondary meeting is called to go over the rough draft and make changes. When the final design is presented, the client will receive an itemized description and a drawn-to-scale design; at this point the customer has the freedom to do it themselves, or hire a contractor.
What kind of landscaping do you recommend?
This is another area in which we excel. We are a native Colorado company that can provide xeric (native plant) solutions with a well thought-out plan cross-referenced with our network of experts.

In conclusion, our goal is simple: To promote sustainability in our environment, and general well-being in our community.