Sustainable Answers For Our Community’s Drainage Problems

Mother Nature’s recent catastrophic flooding has painfully illustrated the weaknesses of our properties’ water drainage. Now that we have somewhat recovered, the challenge is to regroup, educate ourselves, and accurately prepare our land to handle future runoff.

There are many small tricks that one learns over time, and my colleague, Ray Cote, has gained a world of knowledge. And since every project is different, we have developed processes that address each and every drainage problem. Sometimes spending an extra $10-$15, or just taking 30 minutes to install an access to drain cleanout, can mean decades of additional protection. I always tell my clients to please call or email us with ANY questions they may have, which means that we stand behind our work.

As Ray, who has been in business for many years in the Boulder area, often says, “What many people don’t understand is that we are merely custodians of our homes. Although we claim ownership, the property actually belongs to the community.” I often think about his statement and truly believe in installing tried and tested solutions, and our resolutions are designed to outlast that of our competition. By combining 25 years of my own experience with 50 of Ray’s, our projects, upon completion, represent sustainable answers for our community’s drainage problems.

Boulder Drainage Experts
  • Grading
  • Window Wells
  • Down Spouts and Splash Blocks
  • French Drains
  • Foundation Sall Sealing (Drylock or similar product)

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