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Tommy and His Chainsaw
Tommy and His Chainsaw

Attractive Landscape Design

And Real World Function

We began this landscaping mission many years ago in Boulder, Colorado. We have expanded in size and grown in experience since then, but one thing remains the same: high standards. After all, your outdoor living space is where you can breathe and relax.

Greenscape focuses on every detail of landscaping, large or small. Whether this means using the highest quality fertilizers or making sure that your future garden can thrive for generations to come, we pay attention to all angles.

We are proud to continue serving the fine people of Colorado. As a family owned business, you can also rest assured that you receive the highest quality care. We will work with all of your visions to make them a reality.

We are fully licensed and insured and serve many areas around the Boulder area. Please call Greenscape today at or us contact us for your free landscaping quote.

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JP and Nathan pruned our trees. We have had ours pruned before and they took the time to get everything, and shape nicely. Highly recommended!

Mary S. Westminster, CO

I was so grateful when a friend referred Tom Cooper to help me with my trees and general landscaping. Not only was he on time every day, but he truly knows his stuff and he was courteous and very professional in our business dealings. He is a man to be respected and completely trusted.

Pat R.

Tom was great to work with, very professional! He had great ideas about plant placements.

Amy N. Lyons, CO

I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Tom Cooper and the GreenScape team on two occasions now. The first was to have 7 very large and over-grown trees trimmed in my yard. They did a great job, I was so please I hired them to do a major landscaping project. We needed a place to park our new 31’ Toy-Hauler and there weren’t many options. I spoke with Tom and he gave me a few ideas. In the end we removed ~16 trailer loads of dirt from the west side of our front yard, making it level with the street. Then we had GreenScape pour a 15’ x 35’ concrete slab which was fully reinforced with rebar and utilized 5500 PSI concrete (the good stuff). After the concrete was done Tom and team built a beautiful stone wall on the north and west sides of the slab. The wall is there to retain the rest of the front yard, after all the dirt was removed. GreenScape also built two sets of stone stairs (3 steps each) and a stone walkway in to the backyard from the end of the new parking slab. The work Tom and his crew provided was top notch. I will say it took a few weeks longer than we planned/hoped but in Tom’s defense they were fighting the wettest May in Colorado history and the crew just couldn’t catch a break. Tom assured me that they needed to do this the right way and doing the work when it was pouring rain, muddy and the ground was unsettled was not the “right way”. I know for a fact it cost him money to delay the project too, he was losing time and in his business time is money. I truly appreciate him making sure the finished look and quality of the project was always the most important thing. In the end the few extra weeks really didn’t matter because we have a new parking slab that is capable of holding 5 times the weight of my camper. It drains perfectly and he even installed a sewer clean-out pipe that we’ll tie in to the main house line so we can dump the camper waste water right at our house. To top it off we have a gorgeous rock wall, stairs and walkway that will be here for years and years. I cannot recommend Tom Cooper and the GreenScape team highly enough. When it comes to landscaping and tree trimming there are countless choices but only a few of them really care about the quality of work they do and ultimately the satisfaction of their customers. I can assure you Tom is one of those few you can trust. My sincerest thanks to Tom and his crew, we’re thrilled with all the work you’ve done and I know who I’m calling the next time I have an outdoor project that needs professional help. Warmest regards, Scott W.

Scott W. Boulder, CO